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Ovacue Combo Pack - Click here to order

Helps you determine your most fertile days and improve your chances of getting pregnant. (Please allow 2-3 working days for processing as it is ordered from our supplier on demand)
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Ovacue Fertility Monitor


The Ovacue Fertility Monitor helps you determine your most fertile days and improve your chances of getting pregnant. OvaCue is one of the most advanced fertility monitors available yet it is very simple to use. Best of all, unlike messy urine-based tests, OvaCue uses saliva to predict ovulation - up to seven days in advance! Simply place a sensor on your tongue for 5 seconds and Ovacue will record your fertility for the day. For added convenience, with the push of a button OvaCue can display in English, Spanish or Chinese!


OvaCue works by measuring changes to electrolyte levels in your saliva that are impacted by the hormone estrogen. This method of predicting ovulation is over 98% accurate and is FDA approved. It is the only fertility monitor that uses this saliva-based technology and it requires no additional purchases (such as sensors or sticks required for other monitors).


Why Purchase the OvaCue Fertility Monitor?


  •  The only monitor with a full-screen, color display
  •  Simple to use saliva-based monitor, take a reading in just 5 seconds!
  •  Track your cycle daily with the calendar-view display
  •  Displays readings in 3 languages (English, Spanish, or Chinese)
  •  FDA-approved and recommended by fertility specialists
  •  Unlimited, free access to where you can store, chart, and print your OvaCue readings!
  •  No need to buy test strips or any extra's every month


OvaCue will automatically keep track of your current cycle day, current fertility status, and start end dates of your most fertile days. This data is stored and used to calculate the best time for you to conceive each cycle. OvaCue comes complete with an oral sensor, long-life battery, owner's manual and a convenient carrying case.


Excellent for woman with irregular cycles, read more here:                                                      


OvaCue vaginal sensor

By measuring the electrolyte levels of your cervical mucus, the vaginal sensor will provide the OvaCue fertility monitor with the information it needs to track trends in your hormone levels, thereby allowing the monitor to identify the estrogen surge that occurs just prior to ovulation and the subsequent shift from estrogen dominance to progesterone dominance that occurs at the time of ovulation.  The OvaCue will display a pink box on the day that this hormonal shift is detected, indicating that ovulation occurred on that day.

While the OvaCue does not need data from the vaginal sensor to predict your fertile window, the vaginal sensor is required to confirm the date that ovulation occurred.  By confirming ovulation with the vaginal sensor, you will know with certainty when your fertile window begins and ends.

As an OvaCue customer, you also have unlimited, free access to a feature-rich fertility charting application which allows you to store, chart, and print your OvaCue cycle data.

  • For use with the OvaCue Fertility Monitor
  • Confirms the date that ovulation occurred
  • Provides valuable insight about your menstrual cycle by helping to identify potential hormone imbalances/deficiencies
  • Especially helpful for women with irregular cycles
  • Easy to use – takes only a few seconds each day
  • FDA cleared

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