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Basal Body Thermometer

Q: Can this thermometer be used to measure BBT (basal body temperature) vaginally or just orally? Thanks!
A: The Digital Basal Thermometer is designed to be used orally.

Q: Is there mercury in this thermometer?
A: The Digital Basal Thermometer is mercury-free.

Q: Will the thermometer tell me whether or not my peak fertility has been targeted? Can I chart on a graph on my computer with the thermometer?

A: It is recommend that you chart your BBT readings at - it`s a free online charting website. You`ll need to track your BBT readings to determine when you experience your thermal shift which occurs just after ovulation occurs.

Q: Does this thermometer read in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit?
A: No, the digital basal thermometer only reads in Fahrenheit.

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