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FertilAid for Woman

FertilAid for Women is the doctor-approved and ObGyn-recommended fertility supplement designed to enhance fertility and improve reproductive health.

With an all natural, non-prescription formula that brings together scientifically-validated herbal ingredients and essential vitamins, FertilAid promotes female hormonal balance and reproductive wellness, supporting fertility and optimizing your chances to conceive.

Created by ObGyn and leading fertility expert, Amos Grunebaum, MD, FertilAid for Women combines fertility-enhancing nutrients with a `Just Right` formula of folic acid, essential vitamins and minerals, and key antioxidants. This comprehensive formula makes it the only fertility supplement offering total preconception vitamin support - optimized for trying-to-conceive women.

FertilAid for Women was formulated on the basis of established scientific literature to help optimize fertility safely and naturally as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. With a proprietary herbal formula that includes chasteberry (vitex), red clover blossom, siberian ginseng, and gingko biloba, FertilAid helps restore hormonal balance while supporting overall reproductive wellness.

FertilAid has no negative side effects and does not cause multiple births.


  • Designed to help balance the hormones that govern the monthly cycle and reproduction.
  • The only fertility supplement offering 100% RDA of vitamins, including folic acid, minerals and antioxidants 
  • Doctor and ObGyn formulated and recommended 
  • Fertility-Enhancing formula based on mainstream scientific research and clinical studies 
  • Safe and all-natural, no artificial dyes, colors, or preservatives 
  • Manufactured in the U.S. by a GMP-certified facility; guaranteed quality and potency.

Q: For how long do I need to take FertilAid for woman before I can start expecting results/pregnancy? 
A: It is generally recommended that you take FertilAid for at least 2-3 months to allow your body to fully adjust to the vitamins and herbs. It will vary for everyone how long it may take to conceive - some conceive in as little as a couple months, while others may take longer.

Q: Should I take FertilAid for women even if my husband is taking FertilAid for men? I did all tests, my hormonal results were good? 
A: It is highly recommended that all women who are trying to conceive take FertilAid for Women. It`s a complete prenatal vitamin, but additionally it`s providing an herbal blend recommended to improve overall reproductive health.

Q: Does this product work if you have irregular periods? 
A: Yes, FertilAid for women helps restore hormonal balance and encourages cycle regularity.

Q: I just received my FertilAid package and I noticed the pills are pretty big. Is it okay to open the capsule and take it in food or drink? 
A: Yes, you are welcome to open the capsule and add it to food or drink.

Q: When do you stop taking FertilAid, once you become pregnant? 
A: Yes, once you confirm pregnancy with a blood or urine test, it`s recommended that you discontinue use and switch to a prenatal vitamin suggested by your doctor.

Q: My normal prenatal has DHA, this does not. Should I take something else then to get that added `extra` benefit? 
A: We do recommend taking DHA along with your prenatal. We feel that having a Omega 3 supplement allows for the highest quality of the essential fatty acids.

Q: Can FertilAid and FertiliTea be taken together?

A: Yes, you can combine FertilAid and FertiliTea. Both should be taken throughout your entire cycle.

Q: How long after taking Clomid should I start taking Fertilaid? 
A: We`d recommend that you wait to begin taking FertilAid until you begin a new cycle after your last medicated cycle.

Q: Is there any side effect? 
A: FertilAid is an all-natural supplement consisting of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. There are no known negative side effects of FertilAid.

Q: When during my cycle is it best to start taking FertilAid? 
A: You should begin taking FertilAid as soon as you receive it. It is not necessary to wait for a specific time in your cycle to begin taking FertilAid.

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